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Dairy Research Institute Launched

MArking another step in the dairy industry’s efforts to accelerate innovation and increase future demand for dairy, Dairy Management Inc. (DMI, Rosemont, IL) and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy recently announced the formation of the Dairy Research Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that will strengthen the dairy industry’s access to and investment in the technical research needed to drive demand for dairy products and ingredients, globally.

The institute brings together leadership from across the dairy industry, scientific community, academia, government and other organizations to plan and fund leading-edge dairy research in three key priority areas: nutrition science, product development and sustainability.

The launch of the Dairy Research Institute builds upon the efforts of dairy producers, processors and manufacturers to work together pre-competitively through the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, formed in 2008. The Dairy Research Institute is affiliated with the Innovation Center, and provides a forum for industry to identify major research needs to support dairy industry innovation, and grow dairy sales.

The Institute builds on the legacy of nutrition and product research conducted by the National Dairy Council since 1915, and will leverage its expertise, as well as that of other partners, including five dairy research centers at major universities and government agencies, such as the USDA’s Agricultural Research Services and the Department of Defense’s Natick Soldier Center, and other leading scientific, health and nongovernment organizations. The Dairy Research Institute also will coordinate with the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), the National Milk Producers Federation, the Milk Processor Education Program, DMI, U.S. Dairy Export Council, Global Dairy Platform and other industry and non-industry partners.

“The Dairy Research Institute fulfills a vital need to align our industry’s research efforts to address consumer needs and increase sales,” said Kevin Ponticelli, chair of the Dairy Research Institute Board of Directors and executive vice president of DMI, which manages the national dairy check off program on behalf of the nation’s dairy farmers. “In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is critical that we work together as an industry to increase and manage the industry’s investment in research.”

NSF Develops New Sourcing Guide

NSF International (Ann Arbor, MI) has developed a new Sourcing Guide, designed to help nutritional supplement suppliers and manufacturers make educated sourcing decisions. It is currently available online.

The guide assists companies looking for a contract manufacturer or packager who is NSF GMP Certified and manufacturers looking to source quality raw materials for a company that is NSF GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified.

All 300 companies featured in the new guide have products tested and certified by one of NSF International’s dietary supplement certification programs: Product/Ingredient Certification (verifies what’s on the label matches what’s in the bottle and that there are no undeclared ingredients or unacceptable levels of contaminants), Certified for Sport (screening for athletic banned substances) or GMP Certification.

The NSF Sourcing Guide will be published twice annually to ensure the information is current, adding newly certified companies and removing companies that are no longer certified by NSF. A current version of the guide is available on NSF International’s website,

UAS President Establishes SDSU Endowment

DR. S.K. Dash, founder and president of UAS Laboratories, Inc. (Eden Prairie, MN), recently established an endowment at South Dakota State University (SDSU) for the College of Nutrition and Food Science to provide funding for research, scholarships and new programs.

Academic and Research Programs currently under consideration include:

• Masters Program in Clinical Nutrition

• Certificate or Masters Program in Regulatory Affairs with a focus on nutraceuticals

• Research in the field of Probiotics Applications

• Research in Probiotic Clinical Effects

• Certificate Program in Probiotics

• International Probiotics Symposium

SDSU is the largest university in South Dakota. As a Land Grant University, SDSU is dedicated to basic and applied research, and is a leader in research with programs in nutrition and food science, said UAS.

Dash serves as the vice president and scientific advisor of the International Probiotics Association. He is the chairman of APN Laboratories, director of Hospital Corporation of Orissa/Kalinga Hospital and president of the Kalinga Health, Education & Research Foundation.

Lonza Reflects on Nutrition 2030,Launches E-Newsgroup

Lonza (Basel, Switzerland) recently held a Nutrition 2030 workshop, designed to exchange and share innovative ideas from international organizations, NGOs and academia. The workshop polled some of the nutrition industry’s leaders to discuss the relationship of food and health, and develop a vision for the long-term future of the food industry.

“This workshop provided a very useful and enthusiastic gathering of some of the best and brightest minds in the nutrition industry for two days of ‘thinking from scratch,’” said Lonza CEO Stefan Borgas. “This initiative brought together a diverse global mix of interesting people, organizations and companies in an open and relaxed atmosphere that resulted in lively discussions. The willingness of everybody to participate led to productive ideas that will contribute to the growth of our industry in the near future.”

The group analyzed potential future nutritional trends, while working together to identify potentially disruptive factors the food sector may face. Continued efforts to fight malnutrition and deficiencies in developing areas were a topic of interest, as was the potential to prevent diseases through affordable fortified nutrition and optimized diet.

A discussion about the influence of foods on immune function was conducted, as were similar talks on the brain health and gut health markets. Each market was deemed in need of broad industrial- academic partnerships, as the challenges are too big for single companies or institutions to face.

As a result of the workshop, a Nutrition 2030 network is being established to further joint cooperation on selected nutrition topics that require the brainpower of combined organizations.To this end, an e-newsgroup is taking shape that will serve as a platform to discuss critical topics, and provide the forum to exchange news, ideas and announcements. The newsgroup is not limited to the participants of the first Nutrition 2030 workshop, but is open to all interested individuals from academia, industry, NGOs and the public sector.For more information, call (800) 638- 8174 or visit

Nelson Labs’ Amy Karren Elected to USP Committee

Amy Karren, SM(NRCM), director of scientific development at Nelson Laboratories (Salt Lake City, UT), was recently elected to serve a five-year term on the United States Pharmacopeia Convention (USP) Small Molecules Monographs 1 committee, one of 20 Expert Committees of the USP.

Karren, a leading microbiologist and a 17-year veteran at Nelson Laboratories, was selected due to her expertise in microbiological testing and antivirals, antimicrobials and antibiotics, that she will help review, modernize and approve for small molecule monographs.

The Expert Committees comprise the standards-setting body at USP responsible for creating and revising the standards that appear in USP compendia. These are the United States Pharmacopeia— National Formulary (USP—NF), which are legally recognized books of standards for drugs and drug ingredients in the US; the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC); and the Dietary Supplements Compendium (DSC). The standards help ensure The identity as well as the quality, purity, strength and consistency of a drug, food ingredient or dietary supplement product or ingredient.

The USP Small Molecules Monographs 1 committee focuses on developing new monographs and revising existing ones as well as their associated reference standards for drug substances and dosage forms—specifically drugs that fall within the antibiotic, antimicrobials and antiviral areas.

The committee composes and approves monographs for generic drug product development when a patent ends based on the inventing drug company’s formulary. A monograph is similar to a recipe containing all the criteria that makes up the drug such as its chemical analysis, formula, testing, clarity and potency.

Karren’s committee, along with the Council of Experts and other Expert Committees at USP, will place a high emphasis on writing new standards and modernizing written standards where needed in order to strengthen the standards’ values.

Pro-X Achieves GMP Certification

Mohammad Khalid, PhD, president of Pro-X Nutraceuticals (Irvine, CA), has announced that the contract and private label manufacturer has obtained Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification from the Natural Products Association (NPA) for the dietary supplement industry.

In compliance with the latest GMP regulations governing the industry, Pro-X earned the certification through an independent audit by NPA. The company earned an “A” compliance rating from the NPA.

Pro-X Nutraceuticals began the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification process with the NPA Approximately one year ago. During that time, the company invested approximately $1.5 million into appropriate facility upgrades including an in-house, state-of-the-art analytical testing lab.

For more information, visit www.proxnutra. com, or call (949) 660-7189.

N.I.Partners With Faerie’s Finest

Nutraceuticals International® LLC (N.I., Elmwood Park, NJ) has recently established a joint venture with Faerie’s Finest (Hawaiian Gardens, CA), a family-owned natural flavor company. This exclusive joint venture will allow N.I. to offer customers a wide range of unique, custom flavors for beverages, bakeries, pet products, power bars, proteins and more.

Faerie’s Finest currently offers over 900 stock flavors, both natural and artificial, which will be exclusively distributed by N. I. Its product lines now include teas, flavored cocoas, sea salts, flavored peppercorns, herbs and species, essential oils and more.

For more information, call (888) 541- 1284 or visit

CREAGRI Kicks Off New Website

CREAGRI, Inc.® (Hayward, CA), a provider of poly phenol antioxidants from organic olives, has announced the launch of a newly redesigned website at, reflecting the company’s dynamic growth and launch of its new product, HIDROX® 12%.

Under the creative direction of Communications Director Paolo Pontoniere, the new site provides users with a comprehensive overview of CREAGRI, Inc. The site offers clear navigational pathways for CREAGRI’s audiences that allow them to find content more quickly and easily, the company said, and visitors to the site find the aesthetic to be both modern and appealing. In addition to these enhancements, the site offers new products by CREAGRI, Inc. and chronicles updated news releases. The site lists the company’s certifications and credentials supported by clinically proven trials and studies.

“I am excited to launch the new website for CREAGRI, Inc.,” said Pontoniere. “Our company has continued to grow in recent years. The new site allows online visitors to experience the expanding vision of CREAGRI. We are confident that the redesign of the website will allow our company to continue to evolve.”

For more information, call (510) 732- 6478 or visit the new site.

NFI Selected as AstraGin Supplier, Opens New Facility

Nutrition Formulators, Inc. (NFI, Miramar, FL) was selected as the exclusive supplier of AstraGin™ by San Diego, Cabased sales and marketing company World Wellness, LLC. The patented Astra Gin has shown in cell, animal and human studies to significantly improve the actual absorption of many essential nutrients like amino acids, glucose and vitamins into human cells, said the company.

World Wellness CEO David Allen, PhD, along with President Barbara Allen and Director of Global Sales and Marketing Lee Wolfman, represented NuLiv Science USA, Inc. (Walnut, CA) in negotiating the $10 million agreement.

“Handling the sports nutrition market for this incredible ingredient is just one more example of the aggressive and entrepreneurial spirit of Nutrition Formulators, Inc. and its CEO, Adolfo Graubard,” said Business Development Manager Brian O’Neill.

In related news, NFI announced the completion and opening of its new customized manufacturing facility in Miramar, FL. After much anticipation, the company has opened the doors to its new 37,000 square foot facility boasting over 1,800 square feet of state of the art laboratory operations.

This facility will accommodate continued growth of NFI’s current blending capacity of more than five metric tons per day and associated manufacturing of tablets, MeltEase chewable tablets, hard shell capsules and liquid capsules.

For more information, call(954) 272-2220 or visit

Managing Automation Media Launches Networking Site

Managing Automation Media (New York, NY), an information resource for manufacturing executives, announced the debut of the new Manufacturing Executive community platform built exclusively for global leaders in manufacturing. The mission of Manufacturing Executive is to connect, educate and support a global network of executives dedicated to building a stronger, more vibrant manufacturing industry worldwide. Full access to is available to paid members only for an annual fee of $249, with a free 14-day trial.

The site is built to encourage Collective problem solving, said the company.
The community will consist of professionals from around the world who use Manufacturing Executive’s social networking platform Community Connect, crowd sourcing tool Experts Exchange, articles, blogs and other rich content to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Important issues serving as the foundation for generating discussion and ongoing dialogue within the community at large are re-evaluated annually.

Currently, the topics include:

• Collaborative Innovation

• Factories of the Future

• Global Manufacturing & Supply Networks

• Rebranding Manufacturing

• Service Innovation

• Sustainability

• The New Workforce

In addition to a fee that will allow members to network with one another, participate in Experts Exchange and access premium content, offers unique social media-based advertising opportunities, alongside traditional media advertising.

For more information, visit www.manufacturing-

Ocean Spray Offers Ingredient Website

Ocean Spray’s (Lakeville, MA) Ingredient Technology Group (ITG) recently announced the launch of an all-new website, The website is intended to be an essential resource for food and beverage manufacturers and distributors worldwide and serves as a destination for all Ocean Spray marketing activity, the group said.

Visitors will be able to easily access the latest news and announcements from Ocean Spray ITG, as well as view information on the extensive range of fruit ingredients and cranberry application ideas. Users will have the option to join the mailing list to receive regular business and product updates, find out more about Ocean Spray’s products or contact a local representative. The website will also provide cranberry concentrate information, which is now auctioned regularly through an innovative online trading platform.

“With a network of global distributors in more than 50 countries worldwide, it is important for us to have a consistent online location offering information to food and beverage manufacturers all over the world,” said Marion Burton, marketing manager.

“The new ITG website will support international manufacturers in developing cranberry-based products and allow visitors worldwide to learn more about the potential of the cranberry.

” The website is now live at and foreign language versions will be launched later this year.

For more information, call (800) 662-3263 or visit the new website.


Key Technology (Walla Walla, WA) announced the appointment of Steve Johnson as product marketing manager for the company’s Process Systems line of products.Johnson is responsible for managing activities that support the development and sales of Key’s Smart Shaker® suite of vibratory conveyors, which includes the popular Iso-Flo® and Impulse™ conveyors. He also manages Key’s sizing and grading systems, as well as fresh-cut processing solutions such as washers and dryers, and other select processing equipment. The company has also appointed Jeff Nickerson as product marketing manager. Nickerson is responsible for marketing all of Key’s product lines, which includes world-class automated inspection, specialized conveying and product preparation systems, to support customers in international markets. His Specific focus is the development of emerging opportunities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and Latin American regions.

Scilabs Nutraceuticals, Inc.™ (Irvine, CA) has appointed Jim Shires as its new vice president of sales.
His role at Scilabs will be to organize and facilitate the company’s clients, such as All Pro Science, Inc.™, and bring them into major retailers.

Stratum Nutrition (St. Louis, MO) has expanded its sales efforts in Europe and Asia with the hiring of Michael Faber as business manager. Faber will establish a sales and marketing organization for Stratum Nutrition in Europe through organic and inorganic growth.

Nikken Foods Company USA, Inc. (St. Louis, MO) announced the addition of Galen Isringhausen as technical Services associate. Isringhausen will work closely with customers’ sample requests to help develop finished formulations using Nikken Foods’ extensive product line of natural flavors.

Symrise (Teterboro, NJ) recently announced the appointment of Arlene S. Kobos to vice president of sales, advancing from her previously held position as Symrise’s national sales director. Additionally, the company has appointed Ian Björn Thurston as marketing communication manager.

Thurston’s responsibilities include the development and implementation of Symrise North America’s communication in the US market. Frank Rapacki has also advanced from senior manager to director, consumer insights. Rapacki now leads the North American consumer insights team in providing custom sensory, consumer and marketing research data in support of Symrise’s business partners.

David Yihai Jiang, PhD has been named director of technical services at nutritional products manufacturer Vita-Tech International, Inc. (Tustin, CA). Jiang will be responsible for nutraceutical formulation and development.

Ryan Mitchell joins Cognis Nutrition & Health (La Grange IL) as strategic purchasing manager. Mitchell brings broad experience in business analysis and planning, and understands how industry trends impact an organization’s supply chain, Cognis said in a statement.

National Enzyme Company (Forsyth, MO) announced that Richard Mihalik will assume the title of director of quality assurance.

Açai Roots (San Diego CA), a supplier of natural Brazilian açai products, announced the signing of Brazilian jiujitsu legend and MMA (mixed martial arts) star, Royler Gracie, to its team of brand ambassadors. Gracie is a respected Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt athlete and is considered a legend within the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA community, said the company.

D. D. Williamson (Louisville, KY) has hired Ellen Ye as regional sales manager for China. Ye is based in the D.D. Williamson Ingredients (Shanghai) Ltd. Offices in Shanghai.

NSF International (Ann Arbor, MI) has appointed Alex Zhang as general manager of NSF’s joint venture in China—NSF Shanghai Co., Ltd. Zhang will be responsible for NSF Shanghai’s joint venture operations, directing NSF International’s range of auditing, product Certification and registration services.

AIDP Headquarters Relocates

AIDP, Inc. (City of Industry, CA) announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters and primary distribution center to a larger facility within the City of Industry, at 19535 East Walnut Drive South.

The new facility more than triples the previous warehousing space, enables the expansion of the in-house quality laboratory and allows the company to pursue GMP Certification.

For more information, call (866) 262-6699 or visit