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Send your Locator or Reunion notices to Locator, The VVA Veteran, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Alternately, send an email to veteranlocator@ or The Locator and Reunion services are provided without charge.

Montagnard friend, Ma, is searching for his American friend, Snodgrass, who befriended him and his family in the Lam Dong/Da Lat area. Contact: James Barker, 408-401-7939; Looking for my father’s best friend, Scott, who delivered his dog tag around 1968-71 in Clark Air Base, Philippines.

My father, Timothy (Timothio) John Davis (Davies), served in the Army as an Airborne Ranger. He was 20 years old when he was killed inVietnam. My mother, Paquita (Tita) Aniosa Cases, lives in Balibago Angeles City. Contact: Carla Schneiders is looking forVietnam veteran BritWalker. He is a tall, slim African-American, born on August 7 or 9, 1942, in Calif. In the ’80s, Brit lived in Hotel Bouwens in Zandvoort, the Netherlands, owned by his Canadian friend and fellow veteran, Mike Hordo. He then moved to London where he worked for the Post Office, 1990-98. His friends in Holland have not seen him since 1987. Contact: Paul Dufour, Looking for Guy Herman, Charles Craven, Joe Helms, Steve Hurley, Don Potts, Perry, Dalton, Jack Frost, Larry Bonner, “Cowboy,” “Tennessee,” “Frog,” and any other members of C Co., 34th Engr. Bn., Phu Loi, 1969-70.

Contact: Michael “Ramjet” Ramirez,

Trying to find the Marine from 1st Bn., 5th Marines, 1st Marine Div. Who was shot in combat and medevaced out in

1967. He was from the N.Y.C. area and the Daily News had a photo of him receiving a medal. Contact: Jim Collins, Need support for a death benefit claim.

Seeking anyone who served with Arnold Hungerford in Thailand, 1964-65.We are gathering information regarding his involvement with chemical herbicides (including Agent Orange). Contact: Bill Laurich, Looking for Charles E.Williams (from the Ft.Worth area), who served with me in A Co., 2nd Bn., 12th Inf. And D Co., 2nd Bn., 12th Inf., 25th Inf. Div., Vietnam, 1967. He also served with B Co., 1st, 27th Inf. In early 1967. Contact: Pete Cullen, 973-471-4436; 973-297- 3211; Searching for anyone who can provide copies of the 9th Inf. Div. Paper, Old Reliable. I am interested in papers from July 1, 1972-May 18, 1975. Contact: Jerry

B. Nutt, K-52250, 15-222L, P.O. Box 409060, Ione, CA 95640.

Seeking information about my father, Lewis Lacy, an Army veteran of WWII who served from 1941-50, including time at Pearl Harbor working as a meat cutter and mechanic. He died in July 1975.

I would love to locate pictures, mementos, or old friends of my dad. Contact: Otis Lacy #191720, James Crabtree Correctional Center, Unit 3, Rt. 1, Box 8, Helena, OK 73741-9606; 918-225-6642.

I have VHS copies of China Beach episodes to give away. Contact: Mike Slominski, 804-861-0455.

Need verification of stressors forVA claim. Looking for Dennis Henry (from Sturgeon Bay,Wisc.) Or anyone else who served with me in 554th Trans. Plt., Qui Nhon, August 1967-September 1968.

Contact: Lorney Gonder, 6429W.Krummich Rd., Manistique, MI 49854; 906-341-2577.

Trying to locate Larry Smith, anArmy veteran who used to live in Citrus Heights, Calif. He took basic at Ft. Polk and did three tours inVietnam. About ten years ago, I heard he worked for a trucking company inWashington State. Larry would know me by the last name Gurnard. Contact: Howard Hoover, 916-357-5619 (home); 916-710-1319 (cell).

Looking forWilliam P. Stewart (from Port Arthur, Tex.), who served on board AFDL 22-23, Da Nang, April 1969- November 1970. He had a tattoo of the Pink Panther on his shoulder. Also looking for anyone else who served on board AFDL 23. Contact: Ron Medford, P.O. Box 212, Sheridan, MT 59749; 406-842- 5223;

Trying to locate PaulKushinkus (from Pa.), who served with me in 62nd Engineer Bn., 1966-67. The Red Cross took you and I never saw you again. Contact: Lupe Torres Martinez, 709 N. Sunshine Blvd., Eloy,AZ 85131; 520-466-2069.

Seeking information about my friend, John R. Cushman (from Saginaw, Mich.), who served with A Btry., 2nd Bn., 4th Arty., 9th Inf. Div., Long An Province. He was in-country for about two months and died March 20, 1967. I would like to know the details of his death.

Contact: Joe Michalski, 3811 S. Hartford Dr., Saginaw, MI 48603; 989-792-9195; “Cpt. B” would like to hear from Bruce Hilsen (from Minnesota), one of his medics with the 14th CAB, Americal Div. Contact: Louis H. Blumengarten, 1740 OceanAve. (9G), Brooklyn, NY 11230; Looking for Cruz Martinez (from Ariz.), who was a Sgt. With D Co., 87th Inf. And B Co., 2nd Bn., 12th Inf., part of the 3rd Bde., 4th&25th Inf. Divs., Vietnam, 1967. He also served with the 82nd Abn., Dom. Rep., 1965. Contact: Pete Cullen, 973-297-3211 (day); 973-471- 4436 (evening); Seeking Capt. John Nasmyth. I recently came across a USAF POW bracelet I wore in junior high and high school that has his name on it. I did some investigation and it appears that he was taken prisoner in 1966 and released in February 1973. I read that he now resides in the Philippines. I thought he might like to have this bracelet. Contact: Kathy French, Seeking a lost Tour Jacket. It is a camouflaged Army-issued long-sleeve jacket, embroidered front and back with patches. My last name, Bryant, is embroidered in all capital letters over the right top breast pocket. On the back is a map ofVietnam with a dragon around it, my years of service, 1972-73, and various sayings above and below the map. Reward for its return. Contact: Paul M. Bryant, Looking for former SSG BillWymer, USMC, who served inVietnam, was stationed at Iwakuni MCAS, 1976, and was discharged in 1978. I came across his Rifle Expert, 4thAward badge and his SSG’s bars and wish to return them.Contact: C

Need witnesses forVA claim. Looking forWilliam Bean (from N.J./N.Y. area) and Daniel Green (from Little Rock) who served with 199th Lt. Inf. 2/3, 1967-68. Contact: Harold Hill, 512 Portland Ave., Pleasantville, NJ; 609-646-1628; 609-576-7286; or

Need help for a claim. Searching for anyone who served with me on boardU. S.S. Kitty Hawk (CVA-63), 1970-71.Need to know if anyone remembers us firing our weapons while inVietnam, Gulf of Tonkin. Contact: Ben Garcia, Jr., 110 Forcke, San Antonio, TX 78210.

Seeking information (documents, images, etc.) on Italians (not Italian- Americans, but recent immigrants, soldiers, volunteers, contractors, former foreign legionnaires of the French Legion, civilians, etc.) who worked with the U.S. armed forces during theVietnamWar, 1963-75. I intend to publish my historical research. Contact: DiegoVerdegiglio,Via Romei 27-00136, Roma, Italia; 0039-6- 39728489; Need help forVA claim. Seeking anyone who served with me in 4th Missile Bn., 517th Arty., Ft. Clayton, Panama, 1968-69. I was a gunner on the Twin 40s (“Dusters”) and I know that Agent Orange was sprayed while I was there and when we went on maneuvers at Ft. Davis and Ft. San Isnosor. Contact: Thomas A. Hanes, 423-310-3513; flyboy5930@ Looking for John or James Sepulveda.

We were working the “Island” in May or June 1969.Would also like to hear from anyone who served with Atroop, 3rd Plt., 1st of 1st Armrd. Cav., Americal Div., Hawk Hill to Chu Lai, 1969-70.

Contact: Steven “Rat” Ratliff, 3617 Doe RunWay, NewAlbany, IN 47150; 812-945-2582.

Looking for anyone who knew my father, Sgt.William “Andy” Anderson.

He was assigned to 1st of the 7th Cav., B Troop,An Khe, from September 1965 until he was KIA in August 1966. He was an indirect fire support sergeant. I believe one of his comrades-in-arms was Sgt. Drumheller. Contact:William E. Anderson, Looking for anyone who served aboard

U. S.S. Spartanburg County, 1974-75. I need to speak with anyone who served with me in 32nd Marine Amphibious Unit 2- 74, especially 2nd Bn., 8th Marines, Gulf Co.Weapons Plt. I was theWeapons Platoon leader. Contact: John Francoeur, 828-627-9440; Looking for former PFC MelvinW.

Sundby (from Kalispell, Montana), who served with 1st MP Detachment, HHB Div. Arty., 1st Inf. Div., 4th Plt., in vicinity of Saigon and Di An, from at least March-September 1966. Sundby’s birthday was July 3, 1944. He corresponded with the former Sheila Parker-Post (from Porter, Ind.) As a pen pal. The family of Mrs. Post would like to thank him for his service and his correspondence. Contact: Aimee M. Hemery, Need to know which units employed heavy truck drivers in Cam Ranh Bay, 1970-71. Contact: eaglemaiden2002@

Need help forVA claim. While stationed at Ft. Sam Houston with A-1-1, November 1970-January 1971, I took a fall down the stairway in our barracks and hit my head with enough force that I was knocked out.

The ambulance transported me to Brooks Army Medical Center. Seeking anyone who can corroborate this event. Contact: Phillip Carter, 333 MillsapsAve., Apt. 107, Jackson, MS 39202.

Trying to locate Robert Nishe (from Hawaii), who served in Germany, 1967-68. Contact: Raymond L. Crews, Trying to locate Pvt. Lawrence Stefanovich (from Elizabeth, N.J.). His last-known address was 586th Engineer Co. (Floating Bridges), Ft. Benning.We Were at Ft. LeonardWood and Ft. Benning together. The last letter I received from him was in June 1966, before I left forVietnam.Contact: John H. Hayes, 1732 Banyan Dr., Venice, FL 34293; 941-492-4182.

Need help for claim. Looking for anyone who was aboard U.S.S. Coral Sea (CV-43) and worked in Valve Shop (MP Div.) And Engine Room 3, 1981-83.

Contact: Michael G. Juniak, Bldg. #8A,

V. A.M.C., 1400 Blackhorse Hill Rd., Coatesville, PA 19320; 610-888-1254; 610-380-5673.

Need help to verify stressors for disability claim. Trying to locate anyone who served with me in 608thTrans. Co., 14thTrans.

Bn., Dong Ba Dinh. I went there TDY and stayed. Also looking for anyone who served with 9th Div. While building Camp Bear Cat. Need verification of mortar attacks there. Contact: Daryl White, 604 Main, Niagara,WI 54151; 906-221-5214.

Looking for Capt. Jack Merrill, Co.

Cmdr. Of A/2/12 Inf., 25th Inf. Div., late 1967,War Zone C. Any information is appreciated. Contact: Peter L. Cullen, 973-297-3211 (day); 973-471-4436 (evening); Trying to locate my brother, Michael

R. Verret, 66, formerly of Bristol, Conn., whose birthday is May 28. He served in the Marines during the mid 1960s and is a Vietnam veteran. Upon returning from the war, he moved to Calif., Ore.,Wash., and Alaska, and we believe he might now be in Ariz. Contact: LindaV. Berube, Seeking 1st Sgt.William Buckley (from Tex.) And Callixta Serrieau (from

N. Y.), who served with me at CampAl Shuwayer Compound with the 17th Maint. Bn. During Desert Shield/Storm.

Need help for a compensation disability claim for PTSD due to an explosion at the compound and a back injury due to a military vehicle wreck. Contact: Darwin

L. Brown #745896, Ramsey One Unit, 1100 FM655, Rosharon, TX 77583-7670.

Looking for information about medical records from the 501st Med. Disp., Pleiku, summer 1968. Contact: Roger Westberry, 1221 Cooley Dr., Borger, TX 79007; 806-275-9166.

Searching for my basic training unit photograph. I had basic training at Ft.

Campbell with Co. E, 2nd Bde., 7th Bn., graduation in April 1968. I was the 1st squad leader and the platoon leader was George Heatherly. Our Dis were SSG Brown and SSG Cahoon and the training officer was 2nd Lt. Mason. I have the training book with everyone’s pictures, but I am looking for a copy of the group photo.

Contact: Mike Berzinsky, 1712 Crystal Spring Rd., Two Rivers,WI 54241; 920- 794-8142; Need help for PTSD claim. Looking for anyone who was assigned to 101st Admin.

Co., 101st Abn. Div., April-November

1967, and remembers Pvt. Henrie being shot in the barracks by the company clerk. Contact:William R. Hoffman, 7037 Davenport Ct., Alta Loma, CA 91701- 7501; 909-948-5247; whoffman5077@ or Need help for PTSD claim. Looking for anyone who knew Spec. Gary Wright, 101st Admin. Co., 101st Abn.

Div., Bien Hoa. Wright was later assigned to Camp Eagle, where he died when he was struck by a helicopter blade. Contact: William R. Hoffman, 7037 Davenport Ct., Alta Loma, CA 91701-7501; 909-948- 5247; or Trying to locate the following people from HHC 41st Signal Bn., 1970-71: Lt. Depinto, commanding officer; Captain

R. Littell, and Sgt. R. Berube (security), both from Tex.; Jerry Kristoff (or Kristhoff), from Bellefonte, Pa.; Sgt.

Wilson; and Salizar, from Colo. Contact: Donavon Steffen, On November 18, 1968, early evening, we were in a rice paddy. I was in the 25th, left flank point, when there was an explosion between me and the right point flank and I went down. Looking for the person who grabbed my collar and brought me to safety. Contact: Russell Gayneaux, Searching for any info, pictures, or personal stories about SSG Manuel R. Puentes (from El Paso), 23rd Inf. Div., who went MIA March 25, 1971, in Quang Tri Province. Contact: JesusVera, Jr., Trying to locate TerryWallace and Lyn Parschel, who served with me in B Trp., 3rd Sqdrn., 4th Cav., 25th Inf. Div., Cu Chi, 1968-69. Also looking for Clifford Brumley, who was a mechanic in Charley Troop. Contact: Bill “Tiny” Shoemaker, 740-773-0570; Looking for anyone who remembers me. I was with 1/26/5th Mar. Div., January 1966-February 1967, and was transferred to 3/4 at Dong Ha. While I was with 1/26 I was an FO attached to Charlie Co., just off Hill 55. There may be a reunion in the future. Contact: James Kaufman, Seeking anyone who served with C Co., 2nd Bn., 39th Inf., 9th Inf. Div., January 1969.A classmate of PFC Steven Roum is looking for details of the firefight on January 27 in which Roum and three other C Co. Members were killed. Contact: Lee Kampstad, Need help to verify stressors forVA claims. Searching for anyone from the 187th Assault Helicopter Co. Who was flying on September 1968 when the helicopter I was a gunner on crashed while evacuating a fire base west of Dau Tieng. Also looking for anyone who was flying on November 27, 1968 and remembers the crash landing at Tay Ninh. I was a gunner in the middle of the flight when we got shot up. Contact: Richard McMinn, 202 Sherman St., Penn Yan, NY 14527; 315-536-4735; or Earle Gleason,Yates CountyVeterans Service Agency, Need help with claim for hearing loss and tinnitus. Trying to locate anyone who was with a remote artillery firebase near the Cambodian border (around Dak To), summer or fall 1966. Contact: Bill Pinault, 563-324-2758; mrbill.pinault@ Looking for anyone who served aboard

U. S.S. Pivot (MSO-463), 1969-71, and remembers a signalman named Don Rash. Contact: Samantha Peyton, 3723 Keats Dr. #228, Austin, TX 78704; Trying to locate all past members of 6thAviation Plt. And 239thAviation Co.

Who served in Korea, December 1967-

71. Possibility of a reunion in the near future. Contact: Jimmy R. Sutterfield, or James Hilton, Looking for Sgt. Donald Nathaniel Clay, who was with the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Embassy, Bucharest, Romania, until 1968 when he returned to the United States. Contact: Dorrit Faber, Looking for my buddy, Sgt. Richard E. Holden, USAF 1966-70, who served in the 86th CES at Zwybrucken AFB, Germany,

1970. He also served with the 7473rd CES at Moron AFB, Spain, 1969, and the 821st CES at Ellsworth AFB, 1967-68. Contact: Dave Delemme, 220West River St., Otsego, MI 49078; 269-692-3169.

Trying to locate anyone who was stationed in Hawaii, 1960-63, with the 25th Medical Bn. I was located at the Scofield Barracks and I need some information.

Contact: Donald R.Wallace, 214-941- 4205; Trying to locate Dana Johns (fromVan Wert, Ohio), who served with 3/22/25th Inf., Tay Ninh, 1969-70, and was wounded in 1970. Contact: Frank Everingham, Need help to verify my right to a Purple Heart. Looking for anyone who was with me in Quan Loi, February 1971, when I was injured in a lightning strike. I was attached to the 1st Air Cav. In the 15th S&

S. Contact: Ed Lozinski, Lozinski1968 or Michelle Gatz,Yellow Medicine CountyVeterans Service Officer, 320-564-3134.

Trying to locate Paul Sweet, U.S. Army Inf. He was injured during the KoreanWar and sent to Ft. Devins to recuperate. The last I heard he was living somewhere in the Carolinas. Contact: Marye Desruisseau, Looking for anyone who worked in corrections or as a brig guard at the Hansen brig on Okinawa with L/Cpl.

Edwin A. Hash, January 1966-67.

Contact: Looking forWing, Young, Leppert, Jones, Cruz,Weidman, Pappy Lynch, Sgt. Soulia, or anyone else who knew Lcpl. John M. Steele in 1965-66 at MABS 12, MAG 12, 1st MAW, Ordnance (bomb dump), Chu Lai.

Contact: John M. Steele, Johnsteele400 Need info on Agent Orange in Saigon and at and around the docks. Also trying to locate Bill Black (from N.C.), Edward Ocasio, and Leonard Nakoa, who served with me in USAMMAV Det #4MMAV, 1968-69. Contact: John Timmerman, Looking for anyone who served with me in OL 1506, Cam Ranh Bay, August 1967-68. Contact: Tommy Bigham, Looking for drill instructors Ponder, Barefoot, and Blackburn, and all the guys from Platoon 217, January-March 1968, MCRD. Possible reunion being considered. Contact: Karl Fischer, 2/9th Arty., the “Mighty Ninth” of the 4th Inf. Div. (originally of the 25th Inf.)

Is reborn.Visit our website at or email mightyninth@cableone.netWebsite has pictures, rosters, and old friends. 2/35 Inf.

Is welcome. Contact: Tom Roman, I was at Binh Thuy, December 1970- January 1972, with the 228th Supply& Service Co. I remember Jim Farr (from Baton Rouge) and JimVan Horne (Detroit). I need to knowmy battalion and dates of mortar fire. Contact: Frederick Springer, P.O. Box 2118, Slidell, LA 70459; My friend, Dong Son, is searching for James O’Neil, a U.S. serviceman during theVietnam era. O’Neil should be about 59 now. He was with the helicopter rescue team and can speak someVietnamese and Cambodian. Contact: Ben de la Rosa, Jr.,

P. O. Box 94299, Pasadena, CA 91109; Looking for anyone who was in the 5th Marine Div. And stationed in Chu Lai with I-Corp, October 1967-November 1968, or who remembers a tall, thin radio operator, JerryWilliamson, E-4 (fromWash. State).

Jerry died in 2002 of brain cancer. His wife and children would like to know more about his experience inVietnam. Contact: Lyell Fox, Looking to get in touch with Ronald Morris from Altus Air Force Base. He served as an MP, 1969-70. Contact: Joetta Medeiros, 916-222-2234, joetta@ My father, Frank Schimansky (“Ski”), and Melvin Tate (“Mo Tate”) are looking for Joseph M. Perez, Ellsworth Acki (“Boss”), Harry Deering, and Fred Smith from the 2/7 Marines, “The Magnificent 7,” 1965-67. My father was WIA in an operation and medevaced out of Vietnam. He left without seeing any of his friends. Contact: Jenny Schimansky, 2690 NE 24 St., Pompano Beach, FL 33064; Looking for all Purple Heart recipients, especially those living in the North Texas area. Contact: Paul Reed, 4748 Old Bent Tree Ln., Dallas, TX 75287; or visit online at to learn where your fellow Purple Heart veterans meet monthly.

Seeking anyone who served in Germany in or around 1965 and was required to participate in an exercise or experiment using mustard (blister) gas. I served with the 1st Bn., 51st Inf., Neu Ulm, Germany, 1965, and had to participate in such an exercise. Two drops of the agent were placed on the arm, one on the wrist and the other further up the forearm. This resulted in a large blister and, eventually, a severe and persistent rash spreading from my wrist to my inner elbow. In 2005, theVA Secretary published an online “Outreach toVeterans” who had been exposed to mustard gas or Lewisite, explaining the risks of such exposure. However, it seems many are unaware of this information. Contact: Ellis

C. Mattingly, 1406 Hathaway St., Owensboro, KY 42303; 270-683-3122.

Need help forVA claim. I was at Parris Island serving with Plt. 176, 186, and 196, I think. I entered P.I. on September 21, 1961, and graduated January 15, 1962. I was “the smoker” caught with a lit cigarette on a truck traveling to the rifle range. However, I did not smoke. Someone had lit the cigarette and it was being passed around the truck. Someone put it into my hand when the truck stopped. The D.I. grabbed my hand and told me I would be charged with an Article 15. I was eventually sent to Motivation Plt. Where I was covered with a blanket and beaten. I was forced to smoke and eat cigarette butts. I was sent back and forth to a new platoon and motivation plt. Several times.

At one point, I developed pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. Contact: Richard P. Lux, 409 Adrian Dr., St. Louis,MO63137.

Looking for Joe Martinez (from the

L. A. area), who served in the Marines, FLSG with me in Da Nang, January- September 1966. He served in a truck company next to the “Dog Patch”.

Contact: Joe Falzone, 972-442-6466; Looking for Ssgt. Nathaniel Jones, who served at Kincheloe Air Force Base. I have found a black box containing several small items belonging to him, including an ID bracelet, uniform name plate and decorations, keys, and various papers. He had given these items to my uncle, Steve Perdok (from Denora, Penn.), who passed away in 2000. Contact: Mark Pawelec, 27 Park Manor, Denora, PA 15033; 724-379- 5104 (home); 412-292-9266 (cell).

Looking for members of 1st Bn., 26th Mar., 5th Mar. Div.,Vietnam. Especially seeking the NCOs and members who were part of Hq. Co. And then part of 1/26 from February 1966.We left the United States in July 1966 on the U.S.S. Iwo Jima. I was with theH&SCo. (81mm Mortar, 3rd Section), attached to Charlie Co. As FO. If you remember me, please get in touch.

Contact: James R. Kaufman, 10901 N. Lakeview Dr., Pembroke Pines, FL 33026; Seeking anyone who knew my father, Gregory James, inVietnam. He took his life in 1999 and, while he was alive, would never discuss his time in country. I am curious about what he did during this time and would like to hear from anyone who served with him. The last-known duty assignment listed on his DD-214 is 1st Bn., 41st Inf., 2nd Armored Div.

Contact: BryanYarwick, buckeyes3609 @gmail.comÙ


Tan Son Nhut Association, October 7-10, San Antonio, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.Anyone associated with Tan Son Nhut Air Base, 1959-1975, is welcome.

Contact: Rich Carvell, 870-932-8085, or visit online at Navy Lithographers Association, October 19-24, Dayton, Ohio. Contact: John Belrose, 1412 Brimstone Dr., Fredericksburg,VA 22407;

U. S.S. Growler (SSG-577), September 28-October 1, Groton Inn & Suites, Ct., 800-452-2191. Contact: LloydWillyWilson, 864-367-6007;

U. S.S. Radford (DD/DDE-446), 19th National Reunion, September 29- October 3, Branson, Mo. Contact: Chuck Parsons, 304-927-0094;

U. S.S. Fort Mandan (LSD-21) (all crew members, 1943-72), May 2011, San Diego. Contact: John Theriac, 619- 820-0076; or Pat Riley, 716-592-9823; priley7121 589th Engineer Bn., 511th Engineer Co., 513th Engineer Co., 553rd Engineer Co., 73rd Engineer Co., 687th Engineer Co., October 1-2.

Contact: Perry Blanchfield, B Co., 1/7 (Garry Owen) Cav. (1st Cav. Div.) 9th annual reunion, October 7-10, El Portal, Calif. (Yosemite).

Contact: Dennis Blessing, 209-966- 4410; or Ed Huss, 630-907-0775, for special hotel rate.

The Distinguished Flying Cross Society, biennial convention-reunion, October 24-27, Riverside, Calif., at March Air Base. The Distinguished Flying Cross National Memorial will be dedicated. Contact: John E. Appel, or visit online at Welcome HomeVietnamVeterans: AllVietnam veterans invited to the VietnamVeterans Memorial Moving Wall, October 7-10, London, Ky. There will be a Missing Man vigil, a 5K run, aWelcome Home parade, a concert, and a memorial service. Contact: Rick Phillips, Vietnam Security Police Association, 16th annual reunion of USAF Air Police, Security Police, and augmentees who served inVietnam and Thailand, October 6-10, San Antonio.

Contact: Dennis Evans, 866-672-6533; 24th Transportation Co. (all eras), June 17-19, 2011, Ft. Riley, Kan.

Contact: Rafael Morales, rafael10212 or search for 24th Transportation Company on Facebook to visit reunion page and contact Robert Dunlap.

485th Bomb Group, B-24s (Italy, 1944-45), October 20-24, Charleston, S. C. Contact: Jim Scheib, 5360 N. Calle Bujia, Tucson,AZ 85718-5217; or visit online at

44th/69th Signal Bn. (Tan Son Nhut AB and Long Binh Post, 1967-68), April 16-17, 2011, Hayden Lake, Idaho. Contact: TomAnding, 1317 E. Loch Haven Dr., Hayden Lake, ID 83835-9093; 208-659-1806; 208-762- 4302; USAFVance UPT Class 64-E, San Antonio, October 14-17. Ips welcome.

Contact: Derel Schrock, derel11@ or Terry, tjstine555@