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cover story 4/24),,!&#0f;%15)0-%.4'5)$% Prepared Tortilla Products RUDY’S TORTILLAS. Products include 4-to 9-in. corn tortillas; Nixtamal original yellow corn tortillas; Ultra Thin White Precut for Chips; 4-in. to 14-inch fl our tortillas in white and fl avored varieties; fried chips, tacos and tostadas. NEW at the National Restaurant Show: TML line of low-cost precut corn for chips; Chile Ancho 4-inch taco for making street tacos; Chile Ancho Burrito; SUAVES for steamer heat burritos. 214 445 2703; www.rudystortillas.com Preparing for Equipment Purchases T here are several things to consider when shopping for tortilla equipment. Also consider these questions: s$OYOUWANTTOMAKEVARIETY&#0f;m AVORED tortillas? If so, you might need more space. s$OYOUWANTTOMAKETORTILLASWHERECUS&#0d; tomers can see, in the kitchen or off-site? s(OWMUCHSPACEDOYOUWANTTO allocate? s$OYOUWANTTOMAKETORTILLASDAILY&#0c; weekly, or somewhere in between? Once you’ve determined your needs, you’ll have to decide which machines offer the best value. Check with chefs who own the same equipment, and try to view it in use to see if it is right for your operation. First you must decide if you want to make fl our and/or corn tortillas, and then how many tortillas you’ll need, especially dur-ing peak business hours. “Make sure you fi t the equipment’s pro-duction capacity and size to your needs,” Jim Kabbani, CEO of the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) advises. “You also need to look at the net present value of the cash fl ow in and out—equipment purchase, maintenance, and ingredient cost versus cost of purchases of fi nal product.” Tortilla Equipment BE&SCO. Manual or Automatic Wedge Tortilla Press can press 4-to 12-inch size tortillas. The Beta 450 Electric Flour Tortilla Machine is an all-in-one press/oven small restaurants can roll anywhere, plug in and start making 450 fresh tortillas an hour. For fresh tortillas in a display setting, the gas or electric Beta 900 with carousel and glass doors provides a show for guests, con-sistency and labor-savings for owners. If cost is a factor, try the “low costing” Mini Wedge Tortilla Press! 800-683-0928; www.bescomfg.com DUTCHESS. 4HE$IVIDER&#0f;2OUNDERAND$OUGH $IVIDERDIVIDEANDSHAPEFRESHMADEDOUGH&#0e; The economical Tortilla Press presses tortillas in seconds. Other models available. Low, medium and high-volume production to fi t any needs. 800-777-4498; www.dutchessbakers.com GRUPO VILLAMEX. The V-33 for manual opera-tion makes wheat fl our tortillas from 5 to 30 cm. in diameter—designed for restaurants including taco-burrito restaurants. The V-1300 pre-cooks fl our tortillas that will be set on cooker manual-ly—ideal for small restaurants. The V-80 makes 38,000 corn tortillas in 8 hours. Other fl our and corn machines available. 888-301-8607; www.g-villamex.com DOUGHXPRESS. Economically priced packages with 18-in. round manual or automatic dough press, 15”x15” manual press, 16”x20” warmer. Also sold separately. 800-835-0606, ext. 205; www.doughxpress.com 2012 Southwest Foodservice Expo June 24-25 Dallas Convention Center | Dallas, Texas Register today and save 50% www.swfoodexpo.com TWO DAY EVENT NEW! X-PRESS MANUFACTURING. Model 88 display tortilla cooking center makes 900 fresh tortillas per hour in just 4’ x 4’ of fl oor space. Trade-marked round design; automatic dough ball feeder; authentic griddle cooking; no fl our dusting required. 800-365-9440; www.x-pressmfg.com 16 el restaurante mexicano

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