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VFW Magazine November/December 2013 : IFC

MESOTHELIOMA YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS FIGHT. TURN TO A FELLOW VETERAN. As former Marines and sailors, we served together yesterday. As seasoned attorneys, my fi rm and I will fi ght for you today. Attorneys at Coady Law Firm have successfully represented veterans in mesothelioma claims nationwide for more than two decades. We’ve helped veterans understand their rights—and secured millions for their families in just compensation. Trust in the experience and commitment of a shipmate who served with you. Contact the Coady Law Firm. Receive a FREE , no-obligation consultation. Bud Coady Harvard, 1979 USMC, 1979-89, 1991 Gulf War Veteran Attorney at Law NOTICE TO VETERANS WITH $30 Billion FROM U.S. COMPENSATION TRUST FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR VETERANS WHO QUALIFY Call 1-888-802-MESO (6376) TO DETERMINE YOUR ELIGIBILITY. 205 Portland Street • Boston, MA 02114 • Web:

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