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Contents F eatures 20   Today’s GI Bill   Beneftting Society  Education benefts for Afghanistan and Iraq War veterans naturally help them readjust, but ultimately they also pay big dividends for the nation as a whole. By JeroMe Greer CHandler September 2014 Vol. 102 No. 1 14 pittsburgh, 1914: 100th Anniversary VFW’S FOREIGN SERVICE MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 1914 top story of VFW’s First Convention 24   Busting Myths About  the Vietnam War One   Classroom at a Time   At select colleges across the country, professors—both Vietnam vets and non-vets alike—are setting the record straight for students eager to learn the facts about war participants. By Janie BlanKensHip Assembling in Pennsylvania’s second-largest city a century ago, early leaders set the permanent foundations for the organization we know today as Veterans of Foreign Wars. By riCHard K. KolB 42  Star-Spangled Banner  Becomes National Anthem    America’s song became offcial because of VFW’s massive petition drive, culminating in Congress and President Hebert Hoover passing the enabling legislation in 1931. By HerBert M. Mason, Jr. 34   ‘Engaged in Glory    Panama Canal 100th Alone’: Yanks in the French  44 August 15 marked the 100th anniversary Foreign Legion First to Fight   of the opening of this strategic waterway World War I convulsed Europe in August 1914; a small core of Americans entered this fabled corps to take on the Kaiser’s men three years before Doughboys reached France. By Gary Ward 2 Command Post Events That Shape History 11 Issues Up Front Whistleblower Protection; Marine Held in Mexico 12 Washington Wire White House VA Health Care Report; VA’s Nationwide Access Audit; VA Secretary-Nominee Robert McDonald C olumns in 1914. But it came at a cost in lives seldom appreciated today. By roBert Widener 46   Florida Retirement Home   This one-of-a-kind sanctuary at Fort McCoy for VFW members offers the best. By Hillary sHipMan 38   Upholding America’s  Defenders     Commander-in-Chief John Stroud takes offce as major changes are taking place in VA health care. He intends to see to it that VFW has a voice in the transformation. By riCHard K. KolB 48   MoH Double Recipients  One of 19 genuinely rated the honor. 50  Final Salute Recognizing the fallen of Afghanistan. on the Cover: Members attend the frst VFW convention in September 1914 in Pittsburgh. This historic gathering completed the unifcation process of the organization . 4 Mail Call 6 now hear this Celebrating National Anthem’s 200th 52 vFW In Action Post sponsors classroom trip to National WWI Museum 53 Book Corner 54 Member Corner Trends over 100 years 55 Benefts of Membership Long-term care; deductibles 58 reunions & Claims 60 vets in Focus Medal of Honor—Kyle White Check out our digital version at D epartments Follow us on: SEPTEMBER 2014   •  WWW.VFW.ORG   •  1

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