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VFW Magazine January 2015 : IFC

WWW V ISIT F rom the Delta to the DMZ, young Americans answered the call to duty and proudly served-many with “Old Slabsides,” better known as the “.45.” In military nomenclature, Uncle Sam called it the “M1911A1 Service Pistol.” It was the most powerful military sidearm ever issued in the world. And with it in Vietnam, American servicemen drove more nails in the coffi n of Communism, which would lead to its eventual fall. But Vietnam would be the .45’s last war as America’s offi cial military sidearm. Soon afterwards, so America could comply with NATO ammo logistics, it was retired and replaced by the less-powerful 9mm. So now, the “.45 era” and our Veterans who fought with it are passing into military history. As America honors the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, The American Historical Foundation is proud to salute those who served in the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War, by appropriately issuing this fi ring museum-quality Limited Edition on the classic Colt .45 military pistol. Each Vietnam Tribute .45 is a working Colt ® Government Model ® pistol and fi res .45 ACP ammo. When you pick up this almost two and a half pound slab of steel and gold, you will know you are holding a special, fi ring Limited Edition, custom fi nished to museum quality. Like the polished black granite of the Vietnam Memorial, you can see your refl ection in its mirror-polished steel, blued to gloss black and richly plated with genuine 24-Karat Gold. Craftsmen commissioned specifi cally for the Tribute by the Foundation polish and decorate each pistol. Deep bas relief etchings, selectively plated with 24-Karat Gold, form the central panoply, with borders of strapped bamboo and dragons, the Asian symbol of power and protection. Historical inscriptions include the dates of the war and General Westmoreland’s praise of all who served, along with the Republic of Vietnam Service Medal surmounted .AHF O UR FIREARMS W EBSITE . COM To safely protect your Vietnam War .45 from dust and unauthorized handling, a Display Case is available. 24-Karat Gold Plating on napalm fl ames. The Asian-motif artwork of bamboo and dragons continues, in etching and 24-Karat Gold plating, across the reverse of the slide. The trigger, hammer, slide stop, magazine catch, safety lock and grip screws are 24-Karat Gold plated. The grips are fi nely checkered in the classic “Double Diamond” pattern. Inset in each grip is a full-color, cloisonné medallion, incorporating the fl ag of the Republic of Vietnam (South). The Vietnam War Tribute .45 is strictly limited to only 2,500 pistols, worldwide. Each pistol is engraved with its special Registry Number between 0001 and 2500, with the prefi x VN for Vietnam; and a Certifi cate of Authenticity will accompany your Tribute. This museum-quality .45 is available exclusively from The American Historical Foundation. You can reserve with a small deposit, and a convenient monthly payment plan is available. To place your reservation, please return the Reservation Request or call our Member Relations Staff, toll free, at 1-800-368-8080. If you don’t have a Federal Firearms License, we will help coordinate delivery with you through your local fi rearms dealer, after your reservation is received here. Satisfaction is guaranteed or return in 30 days for a full refund. Your ownership and display of this fi rearm today – and as a family heirloom tomorrow – says you’re proud of America’s Armed Forces and those who proudly served, honoring that which President Reagan concluded, “Ours was, in truth, a noble cause.” Continue the mission . . . lest we forget. ® I wish to reserve ___ of the “ Vietnam War Tribute” , at the current issue price of $1,995.* My deposit of $195 per pistol is enclosed. I wish to pay the balance at the rate of $100 per month, no interest or carrying charges. Certifi cate of Authenticity included. Thirty-day return privilege. * All orders are subject to acceptance and credit verifi cation prior to shipment. Shipping and handling will be added to each order. Virginia residents please add sales tax. Satisfaction Guaranteed  Check enclosed for $___________________  Charge payment $___________________ to:  Visa  MasterCard  AMEX  Discover Card No.____________________________ Exp._____ Display Case  I wish to reserve the optional, luxuriously lined, custom-made display case with locking glass lid. My payment of $149* is enclosed or add to credit card. Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________ City/State/Zip _________________________________ Daytime Telephone(______) ______________________ Historical Symbolism T HE A MERICAN H ISTORICAL F OUNDATION 10226 T IMBER R IDGE D RIVE • A SHLAND , VA 23005 Website: To place your reservation toll-free call 1-800-368-8080

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