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VFW Magazine March 2017 : Page 19

Soaring Splendor Dual Eagle Masterpiece Stylized crystalline swirls inspired by precious art glass X Evokes the thrill of flight and a sense of motion from every angle X Handsome woodgrained base and brass title plaque Almost 1 Foot High! Shown smaller than actual size of about 10 inches high. To glimpse a pair of majestic bald eagles flying in perfect formation is a rare and wonderful sight. High above earthly cares, soaring eagles now inspire this breakthrough sculpture, featuring handsome eagles atop sparkling crystalline swirls of “wind.” This meticulously hand-crafted sculpture is individually hand-painted in lifelike detail to capture the wonder of flight in a bold and brilliant new way. RESERVATION APPLICATION SEND NO MONEY NOW Mrs. Mr. Ms. Great Value...Order Today! Order now at just $59.99*, payable in three installments of $19.99, the first due before shipment. There’s no risk with our 365-day money-back guarantee. Send no money now, just return the Reservation Application today! ©2016 BGE 01-21656-001-BI Name (Please Print Clearly) Address 9345 Milwaukee Avenue á Niles, IL 60714-1393 City Email (optional) State Zip YES. Please reserve “Soaring Splendor” for me as described in this announcement. Limit: one per customer. Limit: one per order. Please Respond Promptly 01-21656-001-E92891 *Plus $9.99 shipping and service. Limited-edition presentation restricted to 295 casting days. Please allow 4-8 weeks after initial payment for shipment. Sales subject to product availability and order acceptance.

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