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VFW Magazine May 2017 : Page 13

Finally... A scooter that loads itself in and out of your car. Introducing the Quingo ® Flyte -the powerful, portable mobility scooter that you never have to lift. Now featuring patented 5-Wheel Anti-Tip Technology. It’s a sad fact. Many people who have mobility issues and could benefit from a scooter aren’t able to use them away from home. Struggling to get it into a car or loading it onto a bumper-mounted lift just isn’t worth the effort. Now, there’s a better scooter, the Quingo ® Flyte. It’s easy to use, even for one person, and requires no more effort than closing a car’s tailgate. Clever design enables it to fit into SUV’s, mini-vans, crossovers and hatchbacks. Quingo ® Flyte can load and unload itself in less than 60 seconds using an innovative ramp and a simple remote. The built-in guide rails can be installed in minutes and safely direct your scooter to ground level. Winner of the 2015 International Innovation Award Only one scooter is this powerful and portable • Patented 5-Wheel Stability you almost anywhere. TM “For the first time in years I’ve been able to go with my granddaughters to the mall. A crowd gathers every time I un-load my scooter from my car!” – Judi K, Exeter, CA This scooter provides 5-Wheel Anti-Tip Technology for stability, agility and comfort with its unique wheel configuration. The patented 5-wheel Bumpmaster TM design by Quingo enables it to ride safely over a wide variety of surfaces. It uses 4 ultra slim powerful batteries providing a range of up to 23 miles on a single charge. The best selling auto-loading scooter in Europe is now available in the US! Don’t wait to take advantage of this exciting new technology, call today to find out more. by Quingo takes • No dismantling or lifting of heavy scooter parts. • Fits most SUV’s, mini-vans, crossovers and hatchbacks. • Large motor + up to 350 pound capacity. • Extra long range with BIG scooter performance. • Won’t bounce around in your car– locks in place. featuring 5-Wheel Anti-Tip Technology Call now toll free for our lowest price. 1-888-297-6469 See it in action at © 2017 first STREET for Boomers and Beyond, Inc. 83703 Please mention code 106070 when ordering.

Quingo Flyte

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