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VFW Magazine October 2017 : Page 15

B Bryan Meyer, Chris Stout and Kevin Jamison stand in front of the headquarters of the Veterans Community Project (VCP) in July in Kansas City, Mo. The three men — all veterans and VFW members — form VCP’s leadership team and say they hope the village they create in Kansas City will be the first of many in the country. ryan Meyer glances up from the pile of folders on his handmade, wooden desk at the Veterans Community Project (VCP) headquar-ters at 89th Street and Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Mo. It’s 10 a.m. on a Friday, and there’s already a line of people at the door waiting to see him. If someone had told him a year prior that he would find himself in his current position, he never would have believed it. Meyer, 34, chief legal officer at VCP and a former Marine Corp helicopter crew chief, used to spend his days prac-ticing public education law in Kansas City. Now, he provides legal counsel to homeless veterans in the area, handling contractual affairs for VCP, and doing interviews with the media. Meyer added that VCP, which he and three other vet-erans co-founded two years ago, keeps him busy. “The fact of the matter is this isn’t a traditional job,” said Meyer, a member of VFW’s Department of Missouri. “I used to think I worked a lot of hours at my firm.” ‘VETERANS VILLAGE’ WILL AID TRANSITION VCP — a nonprofit organization found-ed in 2015 — is a community of 50 tiny homes that will serve as transi-tional housing for homeless veterans around Kansas City. The homes — each 240-square-feet in size — will occupy 4.2 acres of land across the street from the organization’s headquarters. The community, known as “Veterans Village,” will offer veterans support ser-vices, including counseling, legal assis-tance and yoga classes for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Cooking cours-es, job search assistance and other rec-reational activities also will be available. The idea, the group says, is to aid homeless veterans at their own pace as they transition back into society. “A lot of these guys are out there on the street because they want some form of isolation,” said VCP Chief Executive OCTOBER 2017   • WWW.VFW.ORG • 15

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