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Business Climate, and seventh in our new Economic Growth Potential rank-ing, among other top 10 placements. Residents of Utah enjoy an invig-orating four-season climate, a moder-ate cost of living, high-quality educa-tion, excellent health care and outstanding cultural and recreational opportunities. Utah is an excellent place to visit and an extraordinary place to live. The state captivates vis-itors and residents alike with its spec-tacular natural beauty, cultural offer-ings and year-round recreational opportunities. In some seasons in Utah, it is possible to ski, golf, snow-mobile and water-ski on the same day. Utah annually welcomes more Automotive Manufacturing Strength 1. TENNESSEE 2. KENTUCKY 3. SOUTH CAROLINA 4. MICHIGAN 5. OHIO 6. GEORGIA 7. INDIANA 8. ALABAMA 9. MISSISSIPPI 10. TEXAS Employment Leaders 1. NORTH DAKOTA 2. NEBRASKA 3. SOUTH DAKOTA 4. OKLAHOMA 5. KANSAS 22 JULY/AUGUST 2010 6. IOWA 7. UTAH 8. MONTANA 9. VIRGINIA 10. VERMONT than 20 million visitors to natural wonders like the Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capital Reef and Zion national parks. The dry, powdery snow found at Utah’s 13 alpine ski resorts is widely considered to be “the greatest snow on earth.” In addition to its beautiful scenery, recreation and culture, Utah is safe, clean and affordable, creating an exceptional quality of life for the state’s residents. Utah workers have long been considered one of the most productive and well-educated populations in the country. Boasting the youngest work-force average in America at 28 years old and a half-million children in K-12, the state has several decades of power-house success ahead of it. Utah’s innovative and business-ori-ented growth strategy is maximizing the potential of these impressive resources. Gov. Gary Herbert, who took over as chief executive whenGov. Jon Hunstman was named ambassa-dor to China by PresidentObama, has targeted three areas on which his administration is focused: economic Workforce Training Leaders 1. LOUISIANA 2. GEORGIA 3. NEW MEXICO 4. FLORIDA 5. NORTH CAROLINA

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