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VFW Magazine November 2017 : Page 33

brothers forever When duty called, they answered. Some were drafted, others enlisted. It didn’t matter where they came from or how they got there, none of them could imagine what waited for them on the other side of the world. More than two million Americans served in the Vietnam War and the experience changed them forever. Together, they fought against a relentless enemy in an unforgiving country. Some were wounded, some became prisoners of war, and others paid the ultimate price. In Vietnam, boys became men, men became warriors, and warriors became brothers. They built a bond of brotherhood that will never be broken. Today when Vietnam Veterans gather at reunions, they share a bond that most of us will never know. Feelings. Stories. Secrets. Special moments. The true meaning of survival. And even though the war is part of history, they know what it’s like to trust their life to the man beside them and be willing to lay theirs on the line for their brothers. Proudly Remembering a Generation of Heroes Today, we honor the members of this exclusive American brotherhood that stood together in service to America. America Remembers is proud to introduce the Brothers Forever ™ Vietnam Tribute Pistol . Issued exclusively by America Remembers, this historic Tribute is a working Colt ® Government Model ® honoring the brotherhood of warriors among America’s Armed Forces in Vietnam. Craftsmen commissioned specifi cally for this project by America Remembers decorate each pistol in sparkling 24-karat gold artwork on the elegant, nickel-embellished slide. Issued in a limited edition of 1,000 Tributes, this presentation fi rearm captures the loyalty, courage, and camaraderie of all the proud Americans who fought in Vietnam. the licensed fi rearms dealer of your choice. If for any reason you are not completely satisfi ed with your Tribute, you may return it in original, unfi red condition within 30 days for a complete refund. Whether you are a veteran who answered the call to duty in Vietnam, or you wish to honor your father, husband, brother, friend, or other family member, the Brothers Forever Vietnam Tribute Pistol is sure to become a cherished addition to your collection. Order your Brothers Forever Vietnam Tribute today and secure one of these fi tting Tributes to those who heroically served our nation in Vietnam. Few generations have faced a more daunting challenge than those who fought in Southeast Asia. When the nation called, they answered. They didn’t hesitate to put their lives on the line and give everything in defense of freedom. As a nation, we owe them a tremendous amount of appreciation. ■ The Tribute features a set of stunning faux ivory grips decorated with a logo honoring the service of Vietnam Veterans. The grip features a trio of warrior silhouettes over an outline of Vietnam, encircled by the slogan, “Vietnam War: Ours Was a Noble Cause.” All three fi gures represent the unbreakable bond between men in uniform. The Colt .45 – A Trusted Military Sidearm In the battlegrounds of Vietnam, protecting each other was a serious responsibility that demanded reliable fi rearms, and in addition to their service rifl es, many of the men relied on their sidearms for added protection. There was no better pistol for the job than the trusted Colt .45 military service pistol. With the Colt .45, Vietnam Veterans share a connection with generations of American fi ghting men who came before them. With its fl at slide and virtually indestructible design, the Colt .45 proved itself virtually unstoppable in Vietnam, even under the toughest battlefi eld conditions. The Colt .45 was born for combat. As tough as the swamps, jungles, and rice paddies were in Vietnam, this pistol proved itself even tougher. To this day, it occupies a position of respect unparalleled in the world of military fi rearms. ■ The left side of the slide features banners reading, “None Could Have Done It Better,” and “Brothers Forever,” set among familiar scenes of warriors serving in Vietnam against a forest of bamboo. Bamboo is common in Vietnam and was included as a symbol of Vietnam on the Vietnam Service Medal which was awarded to those who served. ■ The center image features a group of warriors standing together. The man on the far left is carrying a portable radio and the soldier in the center carries a M60 machine gun slung over his shoulder. It didn’t matter the assignment, from patrols through the remote jungle, or a tight-knit company defending a small fi rebase, you can sense the deep personal connection between the men. The image to the right features a fellow soldier attending an injured warrior. In tough situations, friendship, loyalty, and words of encouragement could keep hope alive. Honor Vietnam Veterans with this Exclusive Offer Only 1,000 of the Brothers Forever™ Vietnam Tribute Pistols will ever be produced. To be sure of acquiring the Tribute before CALIBER: .45 ACP • MODEL: COLT ® GOVERNMENT MODEL ® the edition is fully subscribed, please I wish to reserve ___ of the “Brothers Forever Vietnam Tribute place your reservation promptly. We will Name __________________________________________________ Pistol” a working Colt .45 pistol, at the introductory price of $1,995.* arrange delivery of your Tribute through My deposit of $195 per Tribute is enclosed. I wish to pay the balance at Address ________________________________________________ the rate of $100 per month, no interest or carrying charges. Certifi cate of Authenticity included. Thirty-day return privilege. *All orders are subject to acceptance and credit verifi cation prior to shipment. Shipping and handling will be added to each order. Virginia residents please add sales tax. ■ The right side features two soldiers aiding a wounded comrade while another covers their backs with his M-16. The image captures the strength of a unit working as one. In the heat of battle men depend on each other. It’s a special trust that only veterans can fully understand. Also featured are banners honoring those who served in Vietnam. When the nation called, they answered. ■ Each side features banners that read, “Lest We Forget,” along with powerful icons familiar to any Vietnam Veteran. One features a set of dog tags, the gleaming metal identifi cation tags of those who serve in America’s military, and a pair of empty combat boots. City/State/Zip ___________________________________________ ❑ Check enclosed for $___________ . ❑ Charge payment of $ ___________ to: ❑ VISA ❑ MasterCard ❑ AMEX ❑ Discover No. __________________________________________ Exp. ___________ Daytime Telephone No. ( ________ ) ________________________________ Display Case Available: An optional, luxuriously lined, custom-built, wooden display case is available for purchase. Display Case ❑ I wish to reserve the optional, luxuriously lined, custom-made display case with locking glass lid. My payment of $149* is enclosed or add to credit card. 10226 Timber Ridge Drive ★ Ashland, Virginia 23005 To place your reservation toll-free call 1-800-682-2291 ©AHL, Inc. America Remembers ¨

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