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VFW Magazine January 2018 : Page 25

NEW Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid Technology Only $ 199! * (*Each when you buy a pair) A B G F Rechargeable is now affordable. The new C TM HearClear HCRC eco-friendly hearing aid combines advanced technology with a low price. E The Rechargeable HCRC! Digital sound processing chip provides crystal clear sound and makes speech easier to understand with less feedback than old analog technology Don’t worry about replacing batt eries! Full Charge Gives 16 Hours of Use! (Charger Included) Easy On / Off Butt on Automati c Noise Reducti on and Feedback Canceler 100% Money Back Guarantee Hear up to 3 ti mes bett er when you wear a pair of hearing aids compared to wearing just one! D A) Microphone B) Program Butt on C) Rocker Volume Control D) USB Charging Port & Rechargeable Batt ery E) Digital Signal Processor F) Receiver (Speaker) G) Sound Tube Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid -For Only $199!* Th e new HearClear TM HCRC Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids are now available to you for an unbelievable price! Th is quality digital hearing aid has the same key elements that all high end digital hearing aids share, but is also rechargeable. Th e microphone picks up the sound and sends an electrical signal to the digital signal processor which is the “brains” of the hearing aid. Th e sound is then adjusted to amplify important speech sounds as well as fi ltering out unwanted noise. Once the digital processor has amplifi ed the sound, it is passed to the receiver (also known as the speaker) which emits a corrected and amplifi ed sound through the sound tube into your ear. Most importantly, your new HearClear HCRC hearing aids work at a fraction of the cost of name-brand hearing aids, and you don’t have to keep changing the batteries! You will also love the comfortable, lightweight Open-fi t design. You can spend thousands for an expensive hearing aid or you can spend just $219 for a hearing aid that is great for most hearing losses (only $199 each when you buy a pair -hear up to 3 times better than wearing just one). We are so sure you will love our product, that we off er a 100% Money Back Guarantee -Risk Free if you are not satisfi ed for any reason. 5 Star Reviews Outstanding Product! “This product is outstanding. Dad loves it, my mom loves it, and I am grateful! Don’t believe that you have to spend a lot of money to get a quality hearing aid” -Gilmore B. No More Dead Batt eries! “This HearClear HCRC rechargeable hearing aid works all the ti me! I plug these in at night and the hearing aid charge lasts all day, every day.” -Xavier J. Expert Help Available The HCRC is a great hearing aid if you have a moderate hearing loss. If you are not sure how severe your hearing loss is, please call 1-877-250-8508 to discuss your best hearing soluti on! Our hearing specialists have a passion for helping you make the best choice for your hearing. * MONEY SAVING OFFER ! Use Coupon Code: V81 1-877-250-8508 Only $199 Each When You Buy A Pair! (Coupon Code & Price Valid For A Limited Time Only) TM The HCRC Aff ordable Quality Since 1996! US Company Owned And Operated FDA REGISTERED Visit and Save:

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