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VFW Magazine February 2018 : Page 17

U.S. GOV’T GOLD At-Cost U.S. Gold Coins for Public Release The U.S. Money Reserve Vault Facility today announces our latest release of U.S. government-issued gold coins previously held in The West Point Depository/U.S. Mint. For a limited time, U.S. citizens will have the opportunity to purchase these $5 government-issued gold coins for the incredible at-cost price of only $131.00 per coin—an amazing price because these U.S. government-issued gold coins are completely free of dealer markup. That’s correct—our cost. This may be your fi nal opportunity to buy U.S. government-issued gold coins at this price. Gold is currently around $1,255 per ounce—an incredible deal considering gold’s record price of $1,923 per ounce last seen only a few years ago. In fact, 10 years before gold’s record high, it was trading at just $272 per ounce! This means that specifi c 10-year period saw a whopping increase of over 600% in the price of gold! * Please be advised: Our U.S. government gold inventory will be priced at $131.00 per coin while supplies last or for up to 30 days. These coins may sell out. Call today! U.S. Money Reserve will release these U.S. government-issued gold coins on a fi rst-come, fi rst-served basis. Orders that are not immediately received or reserved with the order center could be subject to cancellation and your checks returned uncashed. Order immediately before our allotted inventory sells out completely! Special arrangements can be made for gold purchases over $50,000. U.S. Government-Issued American Eagle Gold Coins 1/10-ounce coins enlarged to show detail. P AID A DVERTISEMENT Authorized by Congress: Public Law 99-185 By Executive Order and Congress Public Law 99-185, Americans can buy government-issued gold coins. Congressionally authorized United States gold coins provide American citizens with a way to add physical gold to their assets. Gold American Eagles are made from solid gold mined here in America, struck at the U.S. Mint at West Point, and produced with a U.S. dollar denomination, making them legal tender United States gold coins. They are highly liquid, easily transportable, and, unlike paper assets, Gold American Eagles have a tangible value you can feel each time you hold your own gold. With gold currently at one of its best buying opportunities in years, now is the time to consider converting part of your paper assets into gold coins. U.S. Money Reserve has a limited supply and urges you to make your vault reservations immediately. Call 1-855-495-4398 to start your portfolio with gold coins and begin protecting your wealth today. If you’ve been waiting to move your money into gold, the time is now. Do Not Delay -Limited Supplies Available! Government-Issued Gold Coin The markets for coins are unregulated. Prices can rise or fall and carry some risks. The company is not affi liated with the U.S. Government and the U.S. Mint. Past performance of the coin or the market cannot predict future performance. Special offer is strictly limited to only one lifetime purchase of 10 at-cost coins (regardless of price paid) per household, plus shipping and insurance ($15-$35). Price not valid for precious metals dealers. All calls recorded for quality assurance. Offer void where prohibited. Offer valid for up to 30 days or while supplies last. Coin dates our choice. 1/10-ounce coins enlarged to show detail. ©2018 U.S. Money Reserve. NO DEALER MARKUP! $ 131 00 EACH at-cost gold coins! Call Toll-Free 7 Days a Week: 1-855-495-4398 VAULT CODE: VF47 MASTERCARD • VISA • AMEX • DISCOVER • CHECK • BANK WIRE U.S. MONEY RESERVE *Based on the change in gold’s price from September 6, 2001 ($272/oz.) to September 6, 2011 ($1,923.70/oz.)

U.S. Money Reserve

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