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“As these Colt .45’s pass into public exhibits and private collections, each is destined for historical and collector greatness. Each is an Official Colt Collectible.” Limited Edition is strictly restricted to only 500 pistols per service branch. “ Silver Tribute”– Elegant Nickel Plating For veterans and collectors who prefer a Show Quality yet rugged finish, the Colt Silver Tribute is available. Each pistol is mirror polished and plated with beautiful, yet heavy-duty, Nickel plating. The Silver Tribute Limited Edition is strictly restricted to only 1,000 per service branch. Considering the many millions of Americans who served in the Armed Forces during the “.45 era”, the 20th Century, the edition limits are highly restricted. In each category, your pistol will meet your closest scrutiny because it is custom finished to museum quality, with these special features: • Experienced gun polishers carefully burnish and polish the steel surfaces to a mirror finish. • Elaborate, yet traditional, military panoplies of classical laurel leaves, banners, and historical inscriptions are laid down in deep bas relief by indelible acid etching along the slide. • The symbol of the service branch honored forms the focal point of the slide, flanked by the service branch name, its proud motto and the four stars of its senior, flag-rank officer. Its founding date, etched in a yet another foliate banner, embellishes the lower front side of the slide. • Custom-designed, fired-enamel cloisonnés enhance both right and left grips, displaying the initials of the service branch honored. The color of the enamel work is distinctive to the service branch honored. • The custom checkered Rosewood grips add a fin-ishing touch to the museum-quality masterpiece. S — Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC ay farewell to the “Golden Age of Military Small Arms”. It has drawn to a close. Our fighting forces are entering the high-technology “Star Wars/Land Warrior” era of “smart” weapons tied in with back-pack computers, satellite up-links, laser guidance and thermal imaging video displays. As we fondly recall this Golden Age – this era of our lifetime – one firearm comes to mind that best embodies the spirit of those of us who served in the 20th Century. It’s the Colt M1911A1 .45. From 1911 to 1985 – even in “second-life” service in recent fighting in Iraq— it served longer than any other military small arm in the world — past, present, or, likely, future . And it was the most powerful issue pistol, ever. Its passing, due to NATO standardization of 9mm, is still bemoaned. through a licensed firearms dealer of your choice. Satisfaction Guaranteed Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you may return your Colt pistol within 30 days for a full refund. Each of these special Colt pistols is a tangible link to your American past immortalized in steel for the future, to help veterans, families and patriotic Americans remember our military service and the warfare we fought during this “Golden Age” – our age – of the “.45 era” of the 20th Century. © AHF Continue the mission . . . lest we forget. Satisfaction guaranteed or return within 30 days for a full refund. Yes, please enter my reservation for the Colt Armed Forces Tribute(s) selected below. I understand each is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Thirty-day return privilege. Virginia residents please add 5% tax. Shipping and handling will be added. All orders are subject to acceptance and credit verification prior to shipment. RESERVATION Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Now, Colt and The American Historical Foundation are proud to issue Official Colt Collectibles , separate firing .45 pistols, to honor each of our Armed Forces – U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard – in your choice of 24-Karat Gold plating or Classic Nickel plating. Each Tribute is issued by The American Historical Foundation under a license arrangement with Colt’s Manufacturing Company. U. S. Army U. S. Marine Corps U. S. Navy U. S. Air Force U. S. Coast Guard My deposit (or credit card authorization) of $195 per Colt pistol is enclosed. Please charge or invoice the balance due... Golden Tribute : in monthly payments of $100, or in full, and/or Silver Tribute: in monthly payments of $100, or in full. My full payment of $2195 per Golden Tribute and/or $1995 per Silver Tribute is enclosed. Please include the luxuriously lined Display Case, with locking glass lid, adding $149 to my order. Check or money order enclosed. Please charge: Visa, MC, Am. Ex. or Discover Card No._______________________________________Exp. ________ Name________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________ City/State/Zip _______________________________________________ Daytime Telephone (______) ____________________________________ How to Reserve The Colt Golden Tribute and Silver Tribute Limited Edition .45’s are available exclusively through The American Historical Foundation. To reserve or for questions, simply call our Member Relations staff toll free, at 1-800-368-8080, or return the Reservation Form in the mail. We will arrange delivery of your working pistol The Colt “ Golden Tribute” The 24-Karat Gold Plated Golden Tribute is a firing Museum Piece; each gleams like a valuable Gold nugget, as rich 24-Karat Gold plating glistens across each mirror-polished pistol. 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