VFW Magazine October 2011 : IFC

MESOTHELIOMA You are in the fi ght of your life. Fight for the settlement you deserve. A PROVEN TRACK RECORDF OF HELPING STRICKEN VETFERANS Attention Victims of Asbestos-Related $7.2 Million SETTLEMENT ACHIEVEeD FOR A RETIRED PIPEFITTERe SERVICE: Unlike other mesotvhelioma lawyers, we are veterans who share your values and arev personally commitevd throughout your casve. EXPERIENCE: We have over 20 years of experience succesvsfully representing veterans stricken by Asbestvos-related Mesothelioma. RESULTS: Unparalleled track vrecord securing millions of dollars to helpv pay for healthcare and vsupport their famivlies. COMMITMENT: We offer free, no-obligation consultateion nationwide, and do not expect compensation until your suit has succeeded. Call 1-888-802-MESO (6376) FOR A NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION. 205 Portland Street • Boston, MA 02114 • E-Mail: info@coadylaw.com

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